Why should we have a massage?
It accelerates blood circulation and soothes depression. It also helps that massage strengthens the immune system and reduces pain. People who receive regular massage therapy get rid of stress and depression. Still undecided whether to get a massage or not? I have super reasons to convince you of this. Massage is no longer a luxury, it is almost a basic necessity. Did you know that it has many surprising benefits? When you make an appointment for a massage, try to enjoy it without forgetting that it is for both your health and happiness. A firm massage reduces the stress hormone cortisol, causing your blood pressure to drop and you to relax and enjoy. Massage also helps to improve our concentration and mood by raising the levels of dopamine and serotonin hormones in our body. Massage, which you often think of as a luxury, has rational reasons to be a part of your life. The next time you want to pamper yourself, but also when you think it is necessary for both your physical and mental health, you can apply for a massage and make yourself happy.

Harms if applied incorrectly
Although the benefits of massage do not end with the above, there are also disadvantages. However, in a basic sense, it is not correct to call it the harm of massage. It would be more correct to say the damages caused by the hands that make the massage or that are claimed to massage, rather than the massage. In a real example; A person suffering from severe neck pain asks his friends to give him a massage. His friends do not break this request and ‘massage’ that person. When the sample person goes to the doctor for a checkup, he says that he has a neck hernia, but other damage has occurred in the areas where the hernia has occurred. Of course, the reason for this is the ‘massage’ done by the friends of the person concerned. The exemplary person has had neck hernia and severe pain for years. As in the example, ‘massage’ applied to sensitive areas such as the waist and neck by non-experts can cause serious ailments that are difficult to treat. It can cause severe damage to tissues and muscles. Because people who don’t know can do a power test on your body. This may lead to irreparable results. Apart from these, if you have some skin diseases, you should not have a massage without consulting your doctor. We took a brief look at the benefits and harms of massage. As a result, we should clearly state that massage may not be the solution in sensitive areas (especially waist and neck), damaged areas where you have been hit. You should definitely not touch these areas, especially to people who do not know.

Why should you have skin care?

Classical skin care is the process of deep cleansing and purification of the skin in accordance with its needs. The maintenance takes approximately 45 minutes. After your skin analysis is done and your skin type is determined, cleansing, peeling, tonic, steam, blackhead cleansing, mask and moisturizer are applied to the skin, respectively. Finally, the procedure is completed with a massage. Thus, the skin is cleaned, the oil and dirt accumulated in the clogged pores are purified, and the elasticity of the skin is restored. With the selection of products and methods suitable for the skin type;

  • Elimination of acne, blackheads and acne problems,
  • spot treatment,
  • delaying the signs of aging,
  • Increasing collagen production with lifting application,
  • Shrinking pores,
  • Equalizing the skin tone by preventing pigment differences,
  • The removal of black and white spots with comedone treatment is possible with skin care.

Why should we do pilates?
The benefits of Pilates are not limited to core strength and flexibility. Doing this sport that works the whole body regularly reduces back pain, increases bone density and supports heart health.
Benefits of Pilates you never knew;

Increases Bone Density
While weight training is known to increase bone density, pilates also has surprising benefits for bones. Bone, like muscle, is a dynamic tissue and responds to resistance and weight training. In resistance exercises, the muscles attach to the bones, creating tension, which strengthens the bone. Resistance exercises in Pilates are done with springs and resistance bands. You can also support exercises done with your own body weight with resistance training.

Weight Loss
It takes 500 more calories a day to lose half a kilo. Whether you’re on a diet or combining diet with exercise, pilates can help. Low- to moderate-intensity Pilates exercises for beginners burn 4 calories per minute. Moderate exercise burns 6 calories per minute. Those who do advanced, moderate to intense pilates exercises can burn up to 7.5 calories per minute.

Provides Strengthening of Back Muscles
One of the benefits of Pilates is that it is an effective method to reduce back pain. Studies have shown that people with low back pain experience significant improvement when they regularly do pilates. Pilates strengthens the core area and supports the waist just behind it. It also corrects body posture and gently stretches contracted back muscles.

Strengthens Abdominal Muscles
It strengthens the abdominal muscles, including pilatesobliques, as much as sit-ups, or even more. The basis of Pilates is to tighten the abdominal muscles while performing each movement. Pilates movements work the deep abdominal muscles together with the superficial ones and are also effective in creating a baklava look.

Prevents Injuries
Pilates improves flexibility, strength and balance. This reduces the risk of injury. Flexibility is a preventative against injury as it extends the range of motion. If you can increase hamstring flexibility by 10 degrees, you’re less likely to injure your lower back when you bend over and pick up something. Increasing power increases motion control. In addition, as pilates increases body awareness, your movements will be more efficient and conscious. This reduces stress on joints, tendons, muscles and connective tissue.

Increases Flexibility
In most exercises, the range of motion is two-dimensional, such as the forward-to-back sit-up movement. Pilates, on the other hand, requires doing movements in more planes. The range of motion of the whole body is increased with various movements such as internal rotation, external rotation, and side bending. This increases flexibility and reduces the risk of injury.

Improves Body Posture
Sitting at a desk all day and hunched over to focus on the mobile phone disrupts the posture of the body. This creates an imbalance between the muscles over time. Pilates helps reverse the bad effects of these bad habits that accumulate over time. According to the way we live our lives, most people have power imbalances and a very serious core weakness in their bodies. Pilates works the muscles one by one, making the weak ones stronger, regaining the lost strength and creating balance in the whole body. Strengthening the central region improves posture and helps to perform daily activities more comfortably and painlessly.

Improves Cardiovascular Condition.
Another category of Pilates benefits is aerobic development. Some advanced movements speed up the heartbeat, while sitting or lying down movements slow the heart rate. In advanced classes, the heart rate rises to 120 – 130 beats per minute. Quickly switching between exercises and reducing rest times contribute to this. In high-intensity pilates classes, the heart rate increases, allowing the exercise to enter the aerobic zone. Continuing this throughout the session increases endurance and supports cardiovascular health.

Why should we do it on the network?
Waxing is a known hair removal method. The hairs in the waxed area do not regrow for 2 to 8 weeks. Waxing can be applied to the face, legs, back, eyebrows, bikini area, arms and abdomen. There are many types of waxing, but the common purpose of all of them is to remove unwanted hair.

  • Large amount of hair is removed at once.
  • It lasts longer than alternatives. Unwanted hair does not come back for at least 2-8 weeks.
  • The hairs in the areas that have been waxed several times become weak and soft. This does not happen with shaving.
  • Inexpensive, especially if made at home. It can be done alone.
  • It is fast, large areas can be cleaned in one go.
  • If you wax regularly for a long time, the need for waxing also decreases. Because the hairs start to grow more slowly.