It started when a friend of mine said that you could make a career in massage and beautician while I was at the stage of choosing a career in my life. Thus, in 2003, I registered for the Public Education Massage Course. As soon as I received my certificate, I had the opportunity to both provide financial income and practice, even though it was the beginning of the tourism season.
Immediately in 2004, I enrolled in another course for beautician and completed my education.
At the same time, I was developing my foreign language because I had to give importance to foreign language learning due to the region I lived in.
In 2007, I went to Germany and received a training on beautician. At the same time, I had the opportunity to strengthen my language a little more. In 2011, I completed the massage training from the National Education again and the Master and Master Teaching Certificates in the following years. Apart from this, I also received training from many private courses related to my work. I had the chance to attend many seminars in countries such as Germany and England, and at the same time, I had opportunities to improve my foreign language. At the same time, I am continuing my university education. My experience generally worked in the spa departments of 5-star hotels until I opened my own beauty salon in 2019.
I have been interested in sports as much as possible since I was 20 years old and I started teaching by completing my 1st level Reformerpilates education from the gymnastics Federation in order to add sports to my professional life.